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Widhaby Advisors

Asset Management Research to Add Value

We help asset owners and investors identify opportunities to enhance the long term performance of their portfolios. Widhaby Advisors can assist by defining tangible, alternative sources of return with appropriate risk and diversification characteristics.  

Professional asset manager search and selection is a discipline which requires, at the heart of it, a structured due diligence process.


For those acting in a fiduciary capacity, it is important to employ a transparent, objective and well documented methodology to generate relevant decision making criteria. Such a process should also support on-going monitoring of selected funds and managers as well as periodical reviews of past investment decisions.


We can assist investors to set up a robust process and acquire appropriate, state of the art tools to enable outcome-oriented decision making in order to deliver consistent investment results over time.


We can also help asset managers and funds communicate their unique value proposition to professional investors. Widhaby Advisors can assist by improving the communication of the key elements of investment philosophy, strategy and process.


Widhaby Advisors has its base in Stockholm, Sweden, with a network of associated advisors and asset management specialists in the Nordic region, Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States as well as key financial hubs in Asia and the Emerging Markets.

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